The International Telementor Program brings together some of the best professionals in the world with fantastic teachers to create an environment where students achieve real personal traction. To that end, we've created a new blog where program news will be updated on a regular basis. Check out our personal traction blog today.

At the same time we've left the links in place for our former ITP journal. These twelve page journals are fun to read, full of insights about students, teachers, and mentors, and track our progress over the years.

Beginning in September of 2013, we will also be providing project summaries for every completed project. We've included a few examples of projects we'd like to share and build on. These projects represent some of the best mentoring this year.

ITP Journal and Project Summaries

Date Title
06/25/2014 Project Summary - Engineering Design and Development - Teacher, Scott Karjala
05/28/2014 Project Summary - AERO - College and Career Exploration - Teacher, Tom Reed
04/09/2014 Project Summary - Business Plan Competitions at Holt High School - Teacher, Lynne Chrismer
01/20/2014 Project Summary - St. Louis Community Outreach
01/12/2014 Project Summary - Colorado Conservation
11/13/2013 Project Summary - Writing for Impact
10/25/2013 Project Summary - Continue the Vision
10/19/2013 Project Summary - Career and Education Planning
05/11/2012 Project Summary - Wildlife Habitat Improvement
05/11/2012 Project Summary - Reducing Philippine Deforestation
05/11/2012 Project Summary - Writing for Impact
05/08/2012 Telementor Journal - Spring 2012 Special Issue
01/20/2010 Telementor Journal - Winter 2010 Issue
10/01/2009 Telementor Journal - Fall 2009 Issue
03/20/2009 Telementor Journal - Spring 2009 Issue
12/01/2008 Telementor Journal - Winter 2008 Issue
07/10/2008 Telementor Journal - Summer 2008 Issue
03/13/2008 Telementor Journal - Spring 2008 Issue
10/01/2007 Telementor Journal - Fall 2007 Issue
05/01/2007 Telementor Journal - Summer 2007 Issue
01/01/2007 Telementor Journal - Winter 2007 Issue
10/11/2006 Telementor Journal - Fall 2006 Issue
06/01/2005 Telementor Journal - Summer 2005 Issue