For Mentors - Steps to Participate

  1. Submit a mentor application (ITP Sponsor Employees Only).
  2. Login to your mentor area and pre-register for a project by adding your name to the waiting list.
  3. Create a match with a student once you've been notified that the student applications are in.
  4. Communicate twice a week with your student and submit a survey when the project ends.
  5. Send your questions and comments to

Future Projects
Mentors Signed Up
Start/End Date Teacher/Grade/School
2015 Spring - Writing with Impact
Language Arts
Melissa  McGlasson 
Grade: 6
Timberline PK8
Longmont, Colorado, USA
Special Mentor Requests:We are interested in working with mentors who wish to assist a student develop research skills, and learn the skills of project management, collaboration and reflection. We are also interested in mentors who have an understanding of natural resources used in the local community.