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For Mentors - Steps to Participate

  1. Submit a mentor application (ITP Sponsor Employees Only).
  2. Login to your mentor area and pre-register for a project by adding your name to the waiting list.
  3. Create a match with a student once you've been notified that the student applications are in.
  4. Communicate twice a week with your student and submit a survey when the project ends.
  5. Send your questions and comments to

We Currently Have 2 Unmatched Students Waiting For Mentors
Project(s)   Students   Start/End Date  Teacher   School   Location  
Creativity and Entrepreneurship Project 2 Unmatched Students
2 Matched
Isaac  Burson Benton and Bossier High Schools  Bossier City, Louisiana, Colorado
Special Mentor Requests:We welcome mentors who have educational and/or practical experience in business or social entrepreneurship. We especially welcome those people with an interest in the creative and visual arts. Mentors may have had experience either owning a business or in some field that assists business owners, such as insurance, finance, law, and marketing.  

Future Projects
Mentors Signed Up
Start/End Date Teacher/Grade/School
Fall 2015 College and Career Exploration
Career and Education Planning
Michelle  Reffner 
Grade: 10
Fort Collins High School
Fort Collins, Colorado, USA
Special Mentor Requests:These students are attending Fort Collins High School. Many of them do not have many opportunities to connect with professionals in the fields in which they are interested. You can play a major role in helping these young people pursue their interests successfully, create career and education plans that meet an industry and post secondary standard, create and contribute to a professional network and leave high school well connected, informed, and engaged!