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I've always been passionate about social work. In India I used to volunteer at an NGO for underprivileged kids. I get a lot of satisfaction in knowing that somehow, I'm able to help young kids align their goals and work towards a brighter future. With telementor, I'm able to mentor kids virtually and spend quality time dedicated to my greatest passion.

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Colorado Student
Jason Helmus and his students from Westview Middle School are in their second year of tackling real Colorado conservation issues. With help from ITP mentors, students are addressing the issues that keep natural resource professionals tossing and turning at night. Real Students, Real STEM, Real Results.
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We focus on supporting students in the core subjects and provide rich career and education planning support.


01/12/2014: Porterville, CA Projects Begin

The James Irvine Foundation has provided funding for ITP to serve up to one hundred students in Porterville, California beginning this week. Teachers from four distinct pathways have created projects to leverage professional mentor support. Check out the active projects page. In addition to the Irvine Foundation, a big thanks to the industry sponsors, PUSD staff, and our mentors for making this possible.

11/21/2013: SunPower joins as an ITP sponsor!

Renee Solari, Program Manager for Education Services, from SunPower has provided support for her company to become an ITP sponsor. She also signed up as a mentor to support Tom Reed and his AERO students in Porterville, California. The students will be working on a career development project in the alternative energy space. Check out the project summary. Thanks Renee!

For youth,

David Neils
ITP Director