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I've been a mentor with ITP since 2005 working with more than 100 young people on their projects. Many of the projects are researching careers and others are a variety of subjects. I have collaborated on so many different subjects and careers, I just love it! The commitment and enthusiasm of the students is infectious. Telementor allows me to provide support to students in many social settings, broadening my knowledge of their environments. I find that I develop a rapport and relationship with these young people through the messages and am deeply touched by their appreciation at the end of the project. It really is me who gained from the time spent with each of them.

Bev Cross,
HP Employee and ITP Mentor

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Real-World Connections

AERO Pathway
Porterville High School students enrolled in the AERO pathway leveraged the telementor program to create career and education plans after high school.
See project summary.
Harmony Magnet Academy Engineering Pathway
Students in Scott Karjala's Engineering and Design class design a new folder system to help elementary students organize their day.
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Wentzville, MO Students
"This is the best program I have adopted over the last 25 years of teaching. The students all agree that they would never had made it through competition without access to ITP and great mentors." Lynne Chrismer, Holt High School Teacher
See project summary.
We support students to tackle real STEM issues, excel in the core subjects and develop and implement solid career and education plans.


05/14/2014: Bev Cross, HP Mentor

ITP is fortunate to have top professionals from 22 countries participating as mentors. Many of these mentors have been participating for years. Bev Cross is one of those mentors. She knocks the ball out of the park with every student she mentors and typically mentors four or five students at a time. It is humbling and inspiring to consider the impact she has had mentoring over 100 students. Check out the latest blog article about Bev Cross.Thank you Bev!

For youth,

David Neils
ITP Director