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The International Telementor Program (ITP) provides real-world STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) opportunities for students and teachers while supporting work in other areas such as English, geography and the arts. ITP also helps students, beginning in middle school, to develop solid education and career plans, create and leverage professional networks, and execute and refine these plans over multiple years. Professionals from 22 countries have supported over 47,000 students since 1995.

Project Spotlight

Trail Ridge Middle School students help rebuild their flood-ravaged community. Read how mentors support their work.

Mentor Spotlight

I love how much I learn as a mentor. Each new relationship gives me new insights and I value that deeply. I am truly grateful to all of the mentors and mentees who have helped me throughout my life, from my parents, to my work colleagues, to the wonderful partnerships formed through ITP. If you are on the fence about whether to sign on as a mentor with the program, I can certainly say that you will be rewarded many times for the efforts you make with students."

Serena Thody

Thomson Reuters alumni

pictured with her favorite mentee, her son

Sponsor Spotlight

I have always been proud to work at Merck, but now I stand even taller thanks to Merck’s corporate sponsorship of the International Telementoring Program. From my first interaction with the program, I knew that I stumbled into something wonderful. Each student that I have mentored has enriched my life and made me a better person. The end of each assignment is always bittersweet--I am amazed at the progress the students have made but a little sad that we have to say good-bye as they become a piece of my heart during the process. If you are not sure about signing up, I have three words for you...JUST DO IT!

Maryellen Tucci Walter

Regulatory/CMO Platform Services Lead

Merck & Co., Inc.