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The International Telementor Program (ITP) provides real-world STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) opportunities for students and teachers while supporting work in other areas such as English, geography and the arts. ITP also helps students, beginning in middle school, to develop solid education and career plans, create and leverage professional networks, and execute and refine these plans over multiple years. Professionals from 22 countries have supported over 47,000 students since 1995.

Project Spotlight

Timberland High School Marketing Teacher Mike Oliva reflects on how mentors help students succeed. Read more.

Mentor Spotlight

I have been proud to serve as a telementor since the program was founded about 20 years ago. It is honestly one of the finest things I do, and I have been grateful and fortunate to have helped one student per semester. The time commitment is minimal, and the return and feeling about helping students is fantastic!"

John Peterson


Sponsor Spotlight

Logic Nation is a content management system anyone can use to organize their content and engage in discussion within their community. Our unique discussion technology motivates students to work harder and give better answers. We are pleased to offer the International Telementor Program our ‘Nation Page’ product so their educators and mentors can better serve their students.

Kevin C. Smith

Logic Nation Vice President for Corporate/Government/Community Relations